lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012


English in college is a pretty messy subject, what are some careers mandatory, others optional. I think all races should be mandatory so as the University of Chile aims to produce graduates who will perform full and in other countries as the best Latin University is said to be. The advantages of having this degree of knowledge allows students submit and acquire better job options.
As for blogs, I think his role is holding the hand of students who write and also the teacher to evaluate progress, but if we are honest, it is easy to show something like that when I wrote it could not be true. In addition to today's technology on our side, perhaps instead of blog could be a handy log, written class to class, so it would be more real progress. I would also ask that the classes were more spoken, ie they had more actual contact with the language, and the teacher, other students in the native language and have conversations with them, or the like.

Outside the English class, I try to talk to my family in USA in English, but they prefer to practice Spanish as well. I also talk with some friends in English catchphrases and simple. When I was in New York I had to deploy all my language skills because my father speaks zero English, so I had to talk a lot.
Not if someone has passed, but sometimes I think and speak only in English, hahahaha, is as innate, sometimes I think it's crazy, but it might not be possible? Besides watching movies with subtitles, listen to songs in English, reading textbooks, tunes the ear in this language and immerses you in the world more English than we all want to start (because it is not my native language).

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